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    Simply the best loan calculator online!
    the visual and interactive loan calculator
    Loan amount

    Enter the amount you plan to borrow.

    Loan term

    Indicate the expected duration of the loan.

    Annual interest rate

    Enter the fixed annual interest rate without insurance of your credit.

    Note that when you change the duration , the simulator provides the current default rates (unless you disable this option by clicking on the blue arrow on the left).

    Usual rates according to the term can be seen on the right curve.
    This yield curve itself is configurable as it depends on your age conditions, your health, your resources..

    Insurance interest rate

    Specify the fixed annual rate of insurance your credit.

    Set-up fees

    Your loan's one-time charges such as front-end fees

    Compound interest
    Simple interest

            Usual yield curve
    Monthly payments

    Monthly repayments of your loan. They are constant over the life of the loan, but their decomposition evolves (see amortization table below).
    Insurance cost

    Total cost of your loan's insurance.
    Loan's total cost

    What will be the total cost of your loan (bank interests + insurance + set-up fees) .
    Effective APR

    The effective Annual Percentage Rate of charge (effective APR) is the key indicator of the global cost of a loan. The loan offering the lowest effective APR is the cheapest loan. Indeed, the effective APR takes into account all the fees of the credit (bank interests, insurance cost and setup fees). This is a precious information when comparing several loan offers with different fee structures.
    The total cost of your loan seems high as it represents more than 75% of the borrowed amount
    Monthly payments and total cost according to the the duration
    ▼ Payments ($/m)
    Total cost of the loan (k$) ▼
    For a given loan amount, this chart is there to help you choose the right duration for your credit. Choosing the right duration is essential as it is a trade-off between bearable monthly repayments and a reasonable total cost. Notice that on one hand, monthly repayments do not decrease linearly in function of the duration, while on the other hand, the total cost continues to increase approximately linearly. As an example, if you compare a mortgage loan on 15 years and on 20 years, monthly payments only decrease by 15%, whereas your total cost increases by 52% !!
    Click on the graph to change the loan duration
    ▼ Amount borrowed
    ▼ Total cost
    ▼ Breakdown of the monthly payment ▼
        Principal (amount still due) (K$) ▼
    Loan amortization
    First payment
    Once chosen the term of the loan, this chart shows you the evolution of the principal balance (the total amount still due) as go the monthly payments (this is important in case of an early payoff). Notice that the principal balance does not decrease linearly. Indeed, each monthly payment is made of a portion toward the principal balance (in green) increasing, a portion toward the insurance (in blue) constant, and a portion of interest (in red) decreasing. The sum of those three portions is always equal to your constant monthly payment during the duration of the loan.
    Mouse over the graph.
    Loan amortization table starting on
    Year Monthly payment Balance Monthly payments
    Principal Interests Insurance
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